General FAQ


  Who is Spoke Audio?

Spoke Audio is a small group of visionary individuals that have a passion for all things music and sound. While our day jobs don't necessarily revolve around Spoke, we almost always have music playing in the background. Music is an integral, motivating part of our daily lives.

Spoke Audio, particularly the Spoke Audio Player, was originally built to fulfill an internal need in our office. Now, we are sharing the fruits of our labor with you!

  Do you provide support? Can I request features?

  Just curious, why the name "Spoke"?

"Nope" FAQ

  Does the universe need another audio player?

  Is this an official HEOS application?

  What about Bose support? Sonos?

  Is there a mobile version?

  Is there some background process that gets installed with Spoke that mines crypto?

"Why can't I?" FAQs

  Why can't I add a Heos device using Spoke?

  Why can't I add a music service to my account using Spoke?

  Why can't I use Spoke without a HEOS account?

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